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Wikipedia entries to read while you watch somebody finish stage 1 in Prehistorik 2



  • When Olympus did a miserable flying kick to Superstar Ho-Sung Pak, he flew out of ring instead [WMAC Masters]
  • Some people like to do tri- penta- umpteenathlon in front of camera [American Gladiators]
  • J.D. Roth defined ‘fun’ for a generation of schoolkids [Fun House]
  • Whatever will happen today, ask Gary Hobson [Early Edition]
  • A boy got shunted to a terrific parallel world [Spellbinder]
  • Kwai-Chang Caine’s legacy continues in NY [Kung Fu TLC]
  • Sam Beckett alters history… [Quantum Leap]
  • …while Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey follow suit [Voyagers!]
  • The most kickass use of (gothic) letter ‘L’ in TV history [Poltergeist: The Legacy]
  • And I thought college would be all fun [USA High]

And yet, there is also eastern hemisphere influence as well.


Now where have those innocent times gone again? 😐



No, I don’t count too-famous ones like ‘vigilante black helicopter shooting missiles’ or ‘a blond man who can pwn you with everyday things’.

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